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Redesigning the world's travel experience
IA Collaborative re-envisioned and redesigned the entire digital ecosystem of the world’s largest airline, including the new United.com; the new top-rated United mobile app which grew its user base from 7 million to more than 20 million in under 18 months; a reimagined booking experience and comprehensive design guidelines for future updates.

Designed tablet-first, the suite of digital tools is inherently user-centered and provides the most streamlined booking path in the airline industry, relative to the company’s size and complexity. The United.com and mobile app were more than a redesign. They were the result of rebuilding the entire user experience from the ground up, based on immersive research–involving 150,000 miles of air travel touching down in 4 continents–and the observations of the behaviors and daily lives of real business and leisure travelers around the world.

Additionally, IA worked with United to develop a system of digital touchpoints and an innovation pipeline of future releases mapped to the complete flyer experience journey. 

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