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IA Collaborative Takes Top Honors in the International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA)
IA Collaborative has been honored by the Industrial Designers Society of America’s IDEA Awards – the world’s premier international design competition – for its innovative design across three categories: product design, digital design and social impact.

The winning work includes a Gold IDEA Award for the the Kelvin™, the simplest and most beautiful home coffee roaster; a Silver IDEA Award for CORE Cooling Packs, a life-saving cooling solution for healthcare workers fighting disease outbreaks in the field; and a Silver IDEA Award for IA’s redesign of United Airlines’ mobile app and digital ecosystem.

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IA in Action:

IA’s Self-Designed 'Workspace of the Future’ Featured in Curbed

IA’s Self-Designed 'Workspace of the Future’ Featured in Curbed

IA’s new office space - designed by Dan Kraemer, Founder and Chief Design Officer at IA Collaborative - is featured on Curbed.com, a national architecture and design website. “We designed a workspace worthy of the people that define it,” says Dan. The article explains how he and a team at IA Collaborative used the company’s own methods of user-driven design to create a space based on the principles of health, collaboration, choice and serendipity. Read on to see how IA’s workspace is transforming the way the company works and delivers groundbreaking ideas to clients.

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IA Founder Featured by BBC

IA Collaborative Co-founder and Creative Director at IA Collaborative, Dan Kraemer, was again featured by a global news outlet on the topic of user-centered interface design. This time it was the BBC looking to explore the impact of Window’s much-debated title design. Dan emphasized the importance of the genre by explaining, “User interface (UI) is one of the most impactful manifestations of human centred design in our modern society. And while it's one of the most progressive spaces for design, I believe it will follow a historic aesthetic sequence.”
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America's Most Influential Designers

One of the Most Influential Designers in America

IA co-founder and Director of Design Strategy Kathleen Brandenburg was named by Fast Company as one of “The 50 Most Influential Designers in America.” She was noted as a “guru of user-focused design.” The article included designers ranging from Mark Jacobs and Frank Gehry to design leaders at BMW, Apple, Facebook and Nike.
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IA Speaks at Design Summit

IA speaks at National Design Museum

IA co-founder and Director of Design Strategy Kathleen Brandenburg was a featured presenter at Cooper-Hewitt’s National Design Museum as part of General Electric’s annual design council summit. Kathleen joined design peers from Fuse Project, Frog and the Johnson and Johnson Global Strategic Design Office in presenting how design is changing the world around us.

World-Changing Design

IA Featured in Book on World-Changing Design

IA’s User Driven Design Process™ process was featured in the book “Glimmer: How Design Can Transform Your Life and Maybe Even the World.” The book was named by Business Week as the one of the year’s “Best Innovation and Design Books.” In “Glimmer,” IA Collaborative shares how immersive research has led directly to new products addressing “unarticulated user needs” for clients such as HP, Nike and Johnson & Johnson.
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IA Collaborative Wins Red Dot Award

IA Collaborative wins top Global Design Award

IA Collaborative has won the Red Dot Global Design award for a diabetes management system inspired and designed by people living with Diabetes. Named, the 'DibKit' this medical device system exemplifies how connected solutions can redefine daily lives. IA Collaborative research and design will be recognized as part of an award-winners exhibit in Singapore.
Learn more about the dibkit here.

Internet's First 3D Ticketing

Developing the internet's first 3D ticketing for the CSO

The newly launched Chicago Symphony Orchestra web site (www.cso.org) offers what no other online ticketing site can – a complete 3D, contextual- view seat selection and purchase process. As a defining feature of a dynamic site packed with innovative new tools, the 3D Seat Selector tool was designed in concert with Chicago Symphony Orchestra (CSO) patrons by IA Collaborative.
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Designer Accord

IA joins Designer Accord

Acknowledging the power of design and its role in a sustainable future, IA Collaborative has joined the Designers Accord, an international coalition of design and innovation firms focused on working together to create positive environmental and social impact. IA has brought the tenants of the DA to numerous projects focused on more sustainable product choices, energy conservation and social change.

Designing a Healthier Brain

Designing a healthier brain

IA Collaborative has partnered with the University of Notre Dame and Memorial Hospital to design a system for improving Americans’ brain health. IA is introducing User Driven Design™ as a discipline to students, professors and professionals as part of a program focused on designing a process for multiple hospitals that speaks to the future of holistic health care.

Master of Design

Named Fast Company "Master of Design"

IA Collaborative has been noted by Fast Company Magazine as one of the nations 20 Masters of Design. In the article, Fast Company goes on to describe IA co-founder Kathleen Brandenburg as “one of the country’s premiere practitioners of immersive design.”
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IA Collaborative Featured In Forbes

Defining the future for Forbes

IA co-founder and Creative Director Dan Kraemer was selected to be an expert contributor for a Forbes Special Report entitled Vision 2020. Dan specifically address how design will change the future of eating. As Dan puts it, in 2020 we’ll have a world where nutritional value defines the competitive food marketplace. The tastiest benefit? We’ll change the world whether the average consumer realizes it or not.
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Egg Board Innovation

Bringing a user-centered approach to America’s public health debate

IA Collaborative’s co-founder and creative director Dan Kraemer addressed a top-tier panel of dietary and public health leaders at what was heralded by the American Egg Board as a “landmark nutrition workshop.”

Submit Your Kit

Submit your kit

Utilizing their User Driven Design™ methodologies, IA strategically leveraged social media channels to engage adults, children and families dealing with Diabetes to share their stories, struggles, and needs through an online journal “Submit Your Kit” and follow-up twitter conversations. These consumer stories influenced the development of the red dot global design award-winning Diabetes dibkit.
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User driven utopia

IA Collaborative co-founders Kathleen Brandenburg and Dan Kraemer address the Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA) National Conference & Design Gallery, themed “Utopian Realities,” held at The Pasadena Center.

Product Design Course

IA Collaborative teaches product design course

IA Collaborative team members are teaching a course on Product Design at the IIT Institute of Design. The class empowers designers to take a product from concept to reality by working with IA Collaborative leaders and potential investors. Projects range from luggage specially designed for the elderly, to an emergency response lighting system for Japan.