Healthcare Practice

Healthcare-focused practitioners at IA Collaborative work to enable patients as people to live longer, more healthful lives by improving the delivery of care and uncovering new opportunities for innovation across the healthcare ecosystem.  We know that understanding underlying behaviors and motivations is critical to achieving desired outcomes in healthcare, whether that outcome is medication adherence or consistent hand-washing practices. Using human-centered, qualitative research methodologies, we uncover, define and design exceptional experiences that address the unmet needs of all parties in the healthcare value chain – from patients and caregivers, to payers and providers. With projects spanning Phase III clinical trial medications to Class II medical devices, our solutions involve communication design, interaction design, service design, industrial design and design engineering.

Our multidisciplinary team has deep experience in the healthcare industry spanning the areas of pharma, medical devices and diagnostics, health IT, providers and payers. We welcome courageous, curious, and motivated individuals who can collaborate across disciplines to deliver meaningful impact.