Growing a Digital Product Inside
Your Organization

Whether you’re a large company that’s building a new product from the ground up, or tech disruptor with an under-resourced digital venture, our experienced team can jump in to meet you where you are — and accelerate your progress.

Our strategists, designers and engineers provide value from day one to help you define, validate and launch a product that meets your strategic objectives, supports and enhances your organizational structure, and helps you stay ahead of your customer’s needs to move faster than your disruptors.

We Work From Insight to

No matter where you are in the process of launching your next digital product, we integrate our Research, Strategy, Product Design and Technology capabilities into your business to drive a successful launch and long-term growth.

We Help You Realize Urgent
Opportunities + Navigate
Organizational Complexity

Defining the Ownable Opportunity

You’ve assessed the competitive landscape and identified the white space opportunity — but what will you actually offer? Creating clarity and details around the offering are where we shine. We take a broad opportunity and translate that into a tangible offering by balancing customer insights, implementation horizons and ROI.

Allstate wanted to enter the $156 billion cybersecurity space as its next frontier. We helped them identify the ownable opportunity within that broad space and develop a new-to-the-market offering that has helped 9.3 million people (and counting!) to see, understand and protect their Digital Footprint™.

Accelerating Speed to Market

With consumer needs and technology developments constantly evolving, you may have a narrow window of opportunity to capture a market — and have to make the most of a limited budget and resources. That’s where we come in. Our cross functional product development experts rapidly define and validate an ideal MVP, balancing real-world constraints with the launch of an initial product that has real commercial value — setting up a solid foundation to evolve and grow the offering.

In just 6 months, we helped Carrier launch the foundation of a first-of-its kind Healthy Buildings platform offering that capitalized on a unique window of market opportunity and set the company up to integrate new technologies and grow the offering over time.

Setting Up Your Organization for Long-Term Success

Launching the product is only the beginning. You need to continually re-examine its value in the context of changing consumer needs and external markets. We help structure your organization and processes to operationalize the ongoing management of your new offering, while also guiding and coaching you through the process as extension of your team. The result? Rapidly accelerated, high-quality outputs to market.

We guide the world’s largest financial institutions through the definition, design and pilot of new digital tools for consumers, investors, sales teams, and more — while creating the internal processes, tools, and organizational structures that set their organizations up for long term success.

Building New Pathways for Continuous Innovation

To stay ahead of the competition, you must continuously reinvent all of your digital products and properties. For the many large, global organizations we work with, we’ve designed internal innovation platforms and processes that keep our clients continuously scanning the market for new opportunities, new consumer behaviors and needs, and emerging technologies; helping them integrate new features into existing offerings and create new offerings entirely.

For a Fortune 100 global logistics provider, we created a rapid innovation and proof of concept development platform to envision new possibilities and pressure-test them before prioritizing for further investment and commercialization.

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