IA Collaborative Leads Workshop at NEXT Medical Design Deep Dive 2019

IA Collaborative’s Kathleen Brandenburg, Matt Alverson, and Amy Wicks are leading the workshop, “Design Your Next Competitor” during the 2019 NEXT Medical Design Deep Dive.

While there, they’ll explore how across the healthcare landscape, rapidly shifting consumer expectations are eroding traditional competitive barriers. The team will discuss how nimble upstarts are seizing on low points of the customer journey to design – and launch –  more compelling experiences than their competitive counterparts.

Through IA’s workshop, attendees will learn how to identify the unmet needs of their target audience, anticipate unexpected disruptors, and create their own next competitor – before someone else does.

About NEXT
NEXT Medical Design Deep Dive 2019 investigates how the role of design and the industrial designer is evolving to keep pace with the rapid changes in healthcare. The conference delivers a rich, educational, and thought-provoking experience with in-depth talks and immersive ‘in-situ’ labs led by some of the industry’s top medical design practitioners.


02:30 pm


Joseph B. Martin Conference Center
Harvard Medical School
77 Avenue Louis Pasteur
Boston, MA 02115

IA Collaborative publishes book "Design for Health: The Beginning of a New Dialogue Between Design and Public Health"

IA Collaborative + Harvard University: The Critical Role of Design in Public Health

IA Collaborative Founder and Chief Design Strategy Officer Kathleen Brandenburg was a visiting professor in the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health’s “Design of Social Innovation” class, a first-of-its kind course aimed at exploring a new role for design and design thinking within public health.

Patrick Whitney, former Dean at the IIT Institute of Design, invited Brandenburg to guest lecture the course to explore human-centered design strategies with students and apply them in a public health context.

IA Collaborative recently published a book edited by Brandenburg, Design for Health: The Beginning of a New Dialogue Between Design and Public Health, which documents the course and describes how design methods, in collaboration with scientific methods, may provide a revolutionary opportunity to transform public health.

Taking this class set me off on a path of reimagining possibilities for innovation in healthcare and social impact.

  • Shalen De Silva, Harvard alumnus who is currently in the midst of launching a healthcare technology startup named Vincere

Throughout the semester, students explored how contextual design enhances research methods and design thinking illuminates systemic causes of complex problems. They also discussed the power of prototyping and how iterative research methods lead to faster solutions. In doing so, the class created a dialogue between science, design, and public health, empowering its students with new tools they could bring to the real world.

It’s now quite common for me to find myself in a room with clinical experts on one end, business/consulting types on the other, and me acting as a bridge between the two.

Brandenburg is continuing her involvement with the Harvard course in 2019, serving as a visiting professor and guest lecturer.

. . .

Special thanks to the IA Collaborative team members that made the publication of Design for Health: The Beginning of a New Dialogue Between Design and Public Health possible: 

Amy Wicks, Tori Wheeler, Alec Cerminaro, Kit Leitner, Lila Trickle, Rebecca Gimenez, Megan Pryce, and Derek Smith.



Design + Healthcare: IA Collaborative Headlines at Mayo Clinic Transform 2018

IA Collaborative Founder and Chief Design Strategy Officer Kathleen Brandenburg is taking the stage at the Mayo Clinic’s 2018 Transform conference at Mayo Civic Center in Rochester, Minnesota. There, she will join the company of leading healthcare innovators and give Thursday’s keynote focused on leveraging design for transformational change in healthcare.

Additionally, a team from IA Collaborative consisting of Matt Alverson, Partner, Business Growth, Jeff Gershune, Research & Design Strategy Group Director, and Amy Wicks, Principal Researcher & Design Strategist, will host a workshop on how to “Design Your Next Competitor” in the healthcare industry.



08:00 am


Mayo Civic Center
30 Civic Center Dr SE
Rochester, MN 55904


IA-Designed Diabetes Management Service is Partnering with Apple Watch

IA Collaborative worked with Dexcom, a leading provider of continuous glucose monitoring systems, to create the Dexcom CLARITY diabetes management service (view the full case study here). Now, Dexcom has been selected as the only diabetes data provider to be integrated with Apple Watch, due to the intuitive, human-centered, and systemic nature of its design. Dexcom’s life-changing glucose monitoring data is highlighted in this Apple Watch ad as an example of how smart design and technology can help us all lead better lives and reach our full potential.



IA Collaborative Leads Disruptive Design Panel at MD&M East MedTech Conference

IA Collaborative’s Matt Alverson joins medtech industry leaders from MIT, Johns Hopkins, Medtronic and more, leading a panel discussion “Disrupting the Current Design Paradigm.”


12:00 am


MD&M East Medtech Conference
Jacob B. Javitz Convention Center
New York, NY