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Design for Women, for the Benefit of All

Women’s issues are not women’s alone—they are systemic, and intersect with and impact the shared experiences of all genders. IA Collaborative’s Design for Women illuminates topics and situations that are acutely experienced by women but under-addressed by design—as we take action to create the future we want.

The Future We Want to Design

Making Women’s Invisible Work, Visible
On average, women perform 241 minutes of unpaid work each day
Creating Better Ecosystems of Care
Women are less likely to have their symptoms taken seriously or their pain treated
Reimagining Wealth Management
Women are much more likely to have a saving shortfall in retirement than men
Source: Morningstar
A Collaborative Co-Founder Kathleen Brandenburg speaks at Mayo Clinic's TRANSFORM conference.


IA Collaborative Co-Founder Kathleen Brandenburg speaks at Mayo Clinic’s TRANSFORM conference.

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IA Collaborative is a global design and innovation consultancy that works with business leaders to rethink the role of design in every corner of their organization. We partner with companies who want to invest in women and have an exponential impact on business, organizations and society.

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Our Vision

As innovators, we have a powerful opportunity to design better services, experiences, and offerings for women. Together, we can create a world where designing for women is synonymous with “designing.” In this work, we seek to embrace every design challenge as an opportunity to create equitable solutions for women, continually identifying blind spots and amplifying bright spots as we design gender holistic solutions for the benefit of all.

Design for Women in Action

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