How do you reinvent the OR surgical team experience?

By reinventing the surgical experience for OR doctors, nurses and patients surrounding the Total Hip Replacement (THR) procedure, the IA Collaborative team worked with Johnson & Johnson’s DePuy Synthes Companies to identify the systemic needs of the entire team involved in the process of THR surgery. We redesigned the experience surrounding the implant procedure – ensuring greater efficacy and efficiency in the OR, and creating an optimal experience for doctors, nurses, and patients.

1 / Reinventing the Surgical Experience

We leveraged key insights and Guiding Principles from immersive research to develop new concepts in 11 key areas of the surgical process, beginning with OR planning and inventory management, through to instrument packaging and delivery, and sterilization and storage.

2 / Observations Along the Surgical User Journey

To gain a deep understanding of the user experience, IA team members scrubbed in for surgery, observing OR teams in US and UK hospitals as they planned operations, conducted surgery and put instruments through sterilization and storage. We uncovered surprising contextual insights – for example, surgical teams were struggling to read the packaging of key instruments, unable to quickly discern packaging contents, and having difficulty selecting the correct tools from OR storage. They were creating elaborate workarounds to make up for gaps in process, communication, and design – including handwritten notes to communicate critical product information to scrub nurses. These seemingly small things were taking up valuable time in the OR and leading to redundancies and overwork.

3 / Ensuring Efficacy and Efficiency

These learnings led us to recommend new innovation strategies aimed at supporting surgical teams all along the surgical user experience journey, from Planning, OR Set-Up and Surgery, to OR Break-Down and Record, Sterilization, and Storage.


How can we design the future of medical education?

Medical students often learn about complex topics requiring great precision in a 2D environment – but outcomes are life-and-death in a 3D world. Partnering with the OSF Jump Trading Simulation & Education Center, the IA Collaborative team helped OSF develop a business model and offering strategy to commercialize an emerging VR teaching and learning platform.

1 / Transforming Teaching and Learning

The solution effectively bridged the gap between an emerging VR teaching and learning tool, positioning the product to become a commercial offering focused on providing a simple way for anyone to create and share immersive content. Enduvo is the only no-code, immersive content authoring and delivery platform that removes the complexity, inflexibility, and high cost associated with creating virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR) training.

$30.40 Billion

Estimated market opportunity for Virtual Reality in Healthcare by 2026

95% increase 
in Enduvo learner confidence

70% decrease 
in training and delivery time for Enduvo educators

75% decrease 
average reduction in content development costs for Enduvo educators

2 / Empowering Students and Teachers

Where other competitors in the space were focused primarily on developing static libraries of VR content, we enabled OSF to define the commercial product, empowering doctors to easily and efficiently create their own 3D educational content including lesson planning, lecture building, and networked content.

3 / The Future of Education is Customization

When developing the business and offering strategy for what became Enduvo, we collectively leveraged insights that OSF had gathered through observations of professors and students teaching and learning with VR technology. The team knew Enduvo’s content must be intuitive and seamless to navigate, like any consumer technology. More importantly, it must be fully customizable so that any doctor, anywhere, can use the technology to create their own customized 3D lesson plans and incorporate assessments. For the student, asynchronous learning enables anytime, anywhere content consumption.