Creating a Communication System and Digital Platform to Enable Better Food Choices

The Nutrient Rich Foods Coalition, a coalition of 21 national food organizations, asked IA to design a communication system that would activate people to make better food choices. IA immersed ourselves with a cross-section of America, and ultimately created an icon system scoring foods based on their nutrient richness. Supported by print and digital tools, the platform enables people to plan, shop, prepare, and make smart eating decisions. This new approach provided significant influence into the US Dietary Guidelines, incorporating nutrient richness into Federal nutrition policy and education.


Fighting Ebola and Beyond: CORE Cooling Packs for Healthcare Workers

In the wake of the deadly Ebola outbreak, the USAID issued a Grand Challenge to agencies across the country for innovative ideas that could minimize the spread of Ebola and help save lives. We immediately assembled a team to answer the call. Inspired by the testimony of Ebola survivor Dr. Kent Brantly - who shared his excruciating yet common experience of working inside a PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) suit that could reach temperatures as high as 115 degrees - we designed an elegant cooling solution that nearly doubled the amount of time aid workers could spend in their Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) when responding to outbreaks in high-heat climates. By using supplies already available in aid worker tents, we designed an award-winning solution (IDSA IDEA 2016 Silver Award) that enables an aid worker to activate a cooling agent within a rubber glove centered on the palm of the hand - giving workers up to 50% more time with patients, saving lives.

USAID Ebola Inset by IA Collaborative