How do you create loyalty through elevated experience?

IA Collaborative supported Audi in developing the digital ownership platform, myAudi, plus the Audi Academy training platform, brand ambassador Welcome Kit, and intelligent sales enablement tools. In a world where transportation expectations are continuously evolving, this multi-pronged approach empowered Audi dealers with the tools to create meaningful moments for their customers and elevate the total customer experience.

1 / Driving Impact by Elevating the Moments That Matter

By taking an in-depth look at key customer moments in dealerships across the country, IA identified digital, brand, and spatial opportunities to support Audi Brand Ambassadors. Multiple rounds of research uncovered how sales strategies varied from one ambassador to the next, and the team realized it was important to create a system that flexed to individual needs while still emphasizing Audi’s unified brand across tools. The team developed an integrated communications roadmap that would not only empower the sales team to close more deals, but also help the business at large reduce salesperson attrition, reduce costs associated with training, and help leadership better understand their dealers’ sales journey.

A tablet showing Audi dealer experience courses
Tabletop view of Audi project concepts

2 / Digital Ownership for a Seamless Experience

Audi’s technology-forward and sophisticated brand identity informed a sleek, customer-centric visual system that would translate to the digital ownership interface for the myAudi program. IA also developed physical installations, branded training materials, and a digital sales-enablement platform. This system of assets was developed to create a connected, personalized experience from the dealer training room to the sales floor and designed to create trust between the salesperson and consumer.

Digital ownership tablet view
Audi branding concepts
Audi showroom mockup

3 / Building Trust & Engagement Through Dealer Support

In the face of an industry being heavily disrupted, the team focused not on changing the product or the company’s brand, but instead, invested in understanding Audi’s dealers, their processes, and how best to enable them to do their best work. In doing so, the team created a system of tools that empowered dealers to take a personalized approach to sales while staying true to Audi’s brand. This, in turn, allowed for an individualized but brand-consistent model of iteration that shaped the consumer digital ownership platform, myAudi.

Audi car interior
Audi branding concept

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