Growth Through Design + Business Strategy

Modern business challenges demand a seamless blend of creativity and strategy;
of design and business. As pioneers of human-centered design, we bring a design mind to complement, integrate with and amplify business strategy – to drive new growth and continuous innovation for our client partners.

What We Do

Whether you’re a leading global organization, a classic brand, or a category disruptor,
we help you find new growth, create new offerings – and build the strategy, organizational structure and discipline to nurture a culture of innovation.

Client Sample

A Roadmap for Continuous Innovation

IA stands for Insight to Action. One of Our Maxims is “Make it Now.” No vague strategy PowerPoints here – we uncover new growth opportunities AND make them a reality. We’re just as experienced at 30,000 feet as we are on the ground.

We bring a design approach to every phase of business innovation.

We uncover new behaviors and identify growth markets. We gain human insights to reframe problems and align leadership around new opportunities to win in the market. We design new concepts and prototype them in real time with users; even prototyping entire businesses to understand what will create the most value for customers and de-risk investment. We help you define your business model, identifying critical partnership and acquisition opportunities as we work with you to pilot, launch, and scale.

The Future of Work, Works Here

Whether you need an elite team of experts to augment your team, help deliver your most important work, or coach you through the process – you’ll find who you need, here.

Our people represent the future of work. Designers who speak fluent business. Business strategists with design minds. Technologists who connect product features to bottom lines. Nimble, hybrid teams who can communicate the business value of design to the C-suite and deliver prescriptive action plans, fast.

Collaboration is in our name for a reason. We’re an extension of your team, helping you grow.

Pioneers of Human-Centered Design

Founded in 2000 by Kathleen Brandenburg and Dan Kraemer, IA Collaborative was an early pioneer of user-driven design, and one of the first to link it to business strategy and innovation. Named a “premier practitioner of immersive design” by Fast Company, IA Collaborative still places our human-centered philosophy at the core of everything we do. We are teachers of our process, empowering global leaders to realize a culture of design through experiential learning and customized training opportunities.