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IA Collaborative is a global design and innovation consultancy. We set visions, create strategies, design compelling experiences and empower organizations to address their most complex business challenges.

Addressing Modern Business Challenges

At IA Collaborative, we take on the challenges of modern business. The ones that keep executives up at night. Challenges such as: how can we realize new relevance – outside of our core business – as consumer expectations evolve faster than technology? How can we create new business models to outpace disruptive start-ups? How can we deliver new value outside of classic, and commoditized, margin plays? How can we accelerate digital transformation when data intelligence is market must-have? How can we fuel a culture of design and innovation in the midst of quarterly business-reporting cycles? No matter the challenge, we have the multidisciplinary team to answer it.

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Who we are

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What we deliver

Business Model Innovation
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Pioneers of Human-Centered Design

Founded in 2000 by Kathleen Brandenburg and Dan Kraemer, IA Collaborative was an early pioneer of user-driven design, and one of the first to link it to business strategy and innovation. Named a “premier practitioner of immersive design” by Fast Company, IA Collaborative still places our human-centered philosophy at the core of everything we do.

Creating the Future: IA Collaborative Ventures

At IA Collaborative, we spend our days helping clients envision, design and bring to market what’s next for their business – so it is no surprise that we have a few ideas of our own. Our Ventures program has one goal: to make things we believe in. We take great ideas – which can come from anywhere in our company – and turn them into commercially viable business ventures.

Harnessing the collective power of our employee’s entrepreneurial minds, IA Collaborative Ventures is an “in-house incubator” that enables employees to collaborate, create, and pitch their own ideas. Passion projects are given time, resources, and initial funding to move past the idea stage to design, prototyping and through to commercialization.

Take a look at some of our recent Ventures:

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