Chicago Design Week + IA Collaborative: How to Design for the Future We Want

by IA Collaborative on 15.10.2018

Designers today are called upon to use their creative talents and processes to conceive of – and design – new-to-the-world physical and digital products, services, spaces, and experiences. Instead of designing for how the world is now, we have to design for how things could be – a future that can be difficult to imagine because it doesn’t exist yet. What’s more, the things we design today must have the foresight to evolve along with rapid societal and technological advances.

On behalf of Chicago Design Week, IA Collaborative welcomes you to listen to a diverse panel comprised of academics, multidisciplinary designers, and civic and business leaders to discuss the challenges and opportunities inherent in designing for the future we want.

Panelists include:

Rebecca Gimenez, Group Design Director, IA Collaborative

Charles Adler, Co-founder, Kickstarter, and Founder, Lost Arts

Maciej Kaczynski, Architect, Studio Gang

Michael Neault, Executive Creative Director, Experience Design at the Art Institute of Chicago

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