Gen AI

AI is the future of business.
Transform how you lead.

IA Collaborative accelerates AI leaders moving
from experimentation to implementation

To use AI effectively, you need tools that work with your existing innovation process. We’ve spent
the past year building those tools, and using them to create real value for clients.

Our Suite of GPT Tools

We’ve combined Generative AI with our unique methodologies to create a kit of powerful innovation tools.
Now we’re expanding them with specialized data to meet client needs.


Gather new customer insights from active online communities.


Create new offerings using IA’s 7 Elements of Design Innovation™.


Visualize digital concepts for multi-variant user testing.

Let’s accelerate your
AI transformation


Security Considerations Questionnaire

Use this questionnaire to develop your AI specific security considerations.

Using Gen AI in Your Organization

Besides creating and using GPT tools, we help organizations incorporate AI into their
existing processes and structures.

AI Workshops

Move beyond prompt engineering, to unlock real value from Gen AI and transform your business.

AI-Readiness Training

Prep your entire organization for a smarter, faster, more encompassing kind of innovation.

Playgrounds and Sandboxes

Build “safe spaces” for exploring, building, and running experiments, to get the most out of AI—and your team.

New Offerings Prototypes

Conceive, design, and build new AI-powered offerings for customers and employees.

IA Launches First of Multiple
Tools in the OpenAI GPT Store

Spark a conversation.