IA Collaborative Leads Workshop at NEXT Medical Design Deep Dive 2019

by IA Collaborative on 18.09.2019

IA Collaborative’s Kathleen Brandenburg, Matt Alverson, and Amy Wicks are leading the workshop, “Design Your Next Competitor” during the 2019 NEXT Medical Design Deep Dive.

While there, they’ll explore how across the healthcare landscape, rapidly shifting consumer expectations are eroding traditional competitive barriers. The team will discuss how nimble upstarts are seizing on low points of the customer journey to design – and launch –  more compelling experiences than their competitive counterparts.

Through IA’s workshop, attendees will learn how to identify the unmet needs of their target audience, anticipate unexpected disruptors, and create their own next competitor – before someone else does.

About NEXT
NEXT Medical Design Deep Dive 2019 investigates how the role of design and the industrial designer is evolving to keep pace with the rapid changes in healthcare. The conference delivers a rich, educational, and thought-provoking experience with in-depth talks and immersive ‘in-situ’ labs led by some of the industry’s top medical design practitioners.

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