Health Systems designing & building consumer-grade digital products

by Georgi Grigorov on 01.11.2023

The next wave of digital transformation for health systems will be to grow the expertise for digital product in-house.

US health systems are home to some of the most innovative and forward-thinking healthcare innovators in the world. As digital expertise grows in this sector, IA Collaborative anticipates the next five years will see a massive increase in scaled, profitable digital products owned by the health system.


Discussion Themes
This virtual roundtable will bring together digital executives at the nation’s leading health systems to discuss:

  1. Tensions like the speed of patient expectation for improvement vs. the challenge of secure releases in healthcare
  2. Strategies for incubating product that reduce investment and accelerate time to market
  3. Key enablers like data integration, population health management, and interoperability
  4. The risk vs. upside of moving way from legacy, third-party digital platform


We’ll also down-select in advance which key digital product categories we’d like to discuss further from this list:

  • Custom digital therapeutics
  • Various patient portals
  • EHR Extensions
  • Mobile health, including Remote Patient
  • Monitoring (RPM)
  • AI-driven services/triage
  • Companion apps for procedures
  • Space-based digital tools
  • Clinical decision systems
  • Learning and Development
  • Patient engagement, including feedback loops


Note: This is an exclusive, invite-only event. Attendees will receive pre-read materials and an agenda closer to the date.

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