IA Collaborative Supports the Fight Against COVID-19

by IA Collaborative on 17.04.2020

IA Collaborative supports OSF HealthCare Pandemic Health Worker Program (PWHP)

IA Collaborative is proud to be designing critical materials to support the OSF HealthCare Pandemic Health Worker Program (PHWP), which is part of a partnership with the State of Illinois recently announced by Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker. The PHWP will serve individuals with COVID-19 symptoms and protect the well-being of the general public during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Pandemic Health Workers (PHWs) will digitally connect with referred clients who are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms and need to stay home or quarantine to protect themselves and others. Through this program, OSF HealthCare and the State of Illinois will proactively and digitally support those needing care, while also reducing the potential influx of non-emergent patients into a hospital’s emergency department. 

OSF HealthCare engaged IA Collaborative to rapidly design, develop, and launch a suite of patient-facing materials to make the home care process understandable and safe. By providing timely support and resources to encourage this behavior, IA Collaborative is proud to do our part to help flatten the curve in Illinois.

The PHW program is an extension of the role OSF HealthCare is providing with compassion and competence in a healthcare crisis. IA Collaborative helped design an experience to ensure that individuals enrolled in the program feel cared for and know key actions to take while recovering at home.

 -Dr. John Vozenilek, Vice President/Chief Medical Officer, Innovation and Digital Health, OSF HealthCare

IA Collaborative designed a client-facing handbook and digital site as part of a care kit that will be delivered to a client’s home. The kits support the program’s broader effort to safeguard hospitals from being overwhelmed with COVID-19 patients, by digitally supporting those needing care and limiting the spread of the virus.

At IA Collaborative, we champion the strategic value of design. We believe that design determines behavior – and that well-designed products, services, and experiences have the power to create positive behavior change and save lives. We are proud to partner with OSF HealthCare on this critical public health initiative.

-Kathleen Brandenburg, Co-Founder and Chief Design Strategy Officer at IA Collaborative

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