Future of Commerce: Launching IA Collaborative’s Seven Elements GPT to push your business ideas further

by Megan O'Brien on 06.02.2024

The forefront of innovation is led at the intersection of human centered design and business strategy. 

IA Collaborative’s Seven Elements of Design Innovation™ framework combines human centered, iterative design thinking with holistic, rigorous corporate strategy to engage and connect all areas of company leadership. We’ve built a custom GPT that is trained on the Seven Elements of Innovation framework and our industry-specific case studies of the transformative work we’ve done.

This multidisciplinary perspective changes the way organizations collaborate, decide and execute. Leadership gains foresight to place strategic bets on future options, agility to create new capabilities and alignment to capture value. And with our Seven Elements GPT, you now have all of this expertise at your disposal to help you create new businesses, discover new opportunities, and create new market offerings.  

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