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Behavioral Insights

Reveal key users’ new behaviors and unmet needs, to identify innovation opportunities.

Hand holding a pencil, pointing at a multi-colored consumer analysis graphic.

User Segmentation

Go beyond standard demographics and psychographics to predict future behaviors and demand.

Handheld smartphone showing a Nike e-commerce app.

Business Prototyping

Generate “data from the future” by prototyping future offerings as a holistic system.

Business Model Creation

Design novel strategies for creating, delivering, and capturing value.

Ecosystem Mapping

Map out new connections, systems, and services to bring clarity to complex situations.

Ideation & Concept Generation

Unlock breakthrough ideas using generative frameworks and iterative co-creation with stakeholders and end users.

Two IA Collaborative designers standing in front of a wall of written notes, looking at large poster entitled "Value Proposition".

Value Proposition Development

Find product-market fit based on user behavior, that creates an authentic value exchange.

Tablet displaying a graphic of a Venn diagram which combines several digital elements, with the Nike-Plus logo at the center.

Corporate Venturing

Grow from within by launching, incubating, and scaling future businesses.

Business Innovation for Healthcare

Find new approaches to providing health and wellbeing services, that combine emerging technology and consumer innovations.

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Business Innovation That Sets the Stage for Long-Term Growth

A series of new ventures enabled a Fortune 100 insurance company to deepen its AI expertise and attract a new generation of buyers—while driving loyalty among core customers.

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