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Tech & Trends Forecasting

Gain foresight into emerging trends, market entrants, and disruptive tech—and forecast their impact on your industry and users.

Handheld tablet showing image of athlete and Nike "Fastest to the Future" logo.

Executive Strategy Sessions

Facilitate collaborative leadership events to elevate ambition, set focus, and accelerate action.

IA Collaborative presenters running a Behavioral Q&A session with a client team.

Opportunity Identification & Prioritization

Define territories for early-stage growth and prioritize them based on strategic alignment, financial impact, and execution potential.

IA Collaborative designers discussing a wall of sketches, notes and timelines.

Future Scenarios

Explore opportunities and challenges through use cases, visualizations, and demonstrations.

Screenshot of a prototype app that uses the smartphone camera to visually measure packages for shipping.

Growth Strategy for Healthcare

Build-in scalability for new healthcare initiatives from the very start.

A group of people viewing a large projection featuring digital healthcare concepts and devices.

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Growth Strategies
That Drive Instant Impact

Abound, Carrier’s AWS-based ‘Smart Buildings Platform’ was recognized by Fast Company’s 2022 World Changing Ideas Awards.

Screenshot of the Carrier "Abound" building management app.

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