How do you create digital therapies and prescribable apps to improve health outcomes?

With most patients having limited quality time with their doctors, how can digital solutions empower patients to manage their own care, and serve as a "proxy" for the doctor in between visits? At IA Collaborative, we've been working with the world's largest pharmaceutical companies to conceive, design and launch new-to-the-world digital therapies and prescribable apps. The solutions are intuitive, seamless, and connected across the entire healthcare ecosystem from patients to payers, to providers and caregivers. While the digital therapy space is a clear growth market within healthcare, creating and launching solutions requires new collaboration models that balance human-centered design and product strategy, agile development, and a careful navigation of regulatory requirements.

1 / Patient Outcomes: Strengthening the Impact a Drug Can Have

Digtal therapies that capture patient data and provide hyper-personalized support enable pharmaceutical companies to connect directly with patients and improve their outcomes. Digital therapies enable Pharma organizations to differentate themselves while driving consumer preference and loyalty. IA Collaborative works with these organizations to define their ownable opportunity wtihin this $1 Trillion potential market.

2 / Uncovering User Needs & Market Opportunity

From diabetes to dialysis, we’re uncovering unique opportunities for digital solutions to play a role in improving patient care and achieving better health outcomes. Digital solutions provide benefits that doctor’s visits and drugs alone cannot, including support and asynchronous communication between check-ups; objective data vs. self-reported adherence and behavioral data; and enhanced “real-time” collaboration opportunties between doctors, patients, and caregivers.

3 / From Insight to Implementation

Launching connected digital solutions within large Pharma organizations requires the right organizational infrastructure, a tailored process and collaboration model, and a strategy to drive internal alignment quickly, and iteratively. With long regulatory time horizons, a central challenge is ensuring products are relevant, timely and competitive by the time they hit the market. IA Collaborative helps organizations conduct the right sequence of behavioral design research and usability testing to ensure that products are effective in changing behavior – before they head into clinical trials.

4 / De-Risking Investment<br/>

IA Collaborative teams function as an extension of our client’s team, leading product strategy, research and design to move from early prototypes to MVPs to impelmentation. Through this process, we gather data that proves how our digital therapies positively impact adherence, justifying the investment as a mutually beneficial one for our Pharma client partners, providers, payers, and patients. We help “de-risk” the clinical trial process by ensuring concepts have been explored, iterated, co-created with end users and validated through rapid user testing before entering the regulatory process. By defining the precise user experience that will generate the biggest impact, we help you determine whether you should build from within, buy, or partner to create your digital therapy product.


How do you combine design and business strategy to create new growth?

IA Collaborative supported Allstate in its journey to extend beyond its roots as a company selling insurance to a data-driven technology company with innovative protection solutions, including reinvented identity protection. IA helped the Allstate team concieve, design and launch the first MVP of the Allstate Digital Footprint™ Tool, which is now part of a suite of services under Allstate Identity Protection. A new revenue stream for the company that has enjoyed steady growth since launch, the Allstate Identity Protection product has surged in popularity in an online-only world and enabled Allstate to make a meaningful contribution during the COVID-19 crisis.


9.3 million digital accounts and 83,000 data breaches identified so far in the hundreds of thousands of Digital Footprint scans by Allstate’s customers since launch.

1 / Personal Data: A Valuable Asset Worth Protecting

What do you think of when you hear Allstate? That your most valuable things are in good hands? Today, that’s your car and home, but increasingly, your most valuable things are not just physical things–they are intangible assets like your personal data. In fact, data is now among our most valuable assets as individuals.

2 / The Digital Footprint™ Tool

Allstate is supporting this reality by launching a new-to-the-world digital product that leverages real data to help users visualize, monitor, and take control of their “digital footprint”online. A key insight uncovered through design research was that users were very interested in “shining a light” on their online digital profiles, rather than “locking down” their data – an important behavioral indicator to inform the design of the product. As a result, the Allstate Digital Footprint emphasizes discovery over fear; demystifying and contextualizing digital identity protection and empowering people to safely “love their digital lives.”

150+ accounts

Most people think they have only 30 online accounts. On average, they have over 150 accounts.

3 / Emphasizing Discovery vs. Fear

Another surprising insight that informed the creation of the tool: designers found that the initial process of discovery was the most valuable touchpoint for users –they loved the “aha” moment of learning how many online digital accounts they had and who had access to their data; most people thought they only had 30 accounts when in reality the average is over 150. Allstate invested heavily in that part of the user experience, creating a beautiful, interactive data visualization tool to help users understand and manage their online data in a simple, intuitive, and enjoyable way – making seemingly intangible information tangible, and inviting discovery.

4 / The Birth of Allstate Identity Protection

After IA Collaborative and Allstate successfully launched an MVP pilot with 2,000 users, Allstate completed the acquisition of InfoArmor, a leading provider of identify protection services, for $525 million in cash. InfoArmor’s existing distribution channels and technology infrastructure complemented Allstate’s business model and helped established a new division of the company, now known as Allstate Identity Protection.